The school has a good library available for use by the entire student body.

It is a large, light-filled and welcoming space with more than 7,000 volumes in various media (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), both for learning and recreation, perfectly catalogued and organized according to the CDU regulations.

It features general-information books suited to ESO students and books with a more specific scientific orientation for high school and vocational training cycle students. The teaching staff is well-versed in the collection’s contents, using them to propose academic work on various subjects.

The library staff helps students with their queries and work, and at the same time they catalogue and organize the entire collection. They also help teachers to prepare materials for schoolwork.

The library also has a bibliographic collection that is in line with the centre’s Reading Plan.

There are 6 PCs with common work-oriented software and games, all of them with Internet access, enabling students to learn how to use new information technologies.

Opening Hours

Library Opening Hours – 2018-2019 School Year

  • 8 a.m. – 2.30 p.m
  • 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Rules for Use of the Library

  • The library is a space for study and work.
  • Library users must either keep quiet or speak in hushed tones.
  • The computers are for work and MAY NOT BE USED FOR GAMING OR CHATTING.
  • The Internet may only be accessed to search for information or images related to schoolwork.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed.
  • Mobile phones must be kept silent.
  • Chairs must be left in their proper position and computers must be switched off.
  • Users must respect and take care of all the material found in the library.
  • No running, shouting or banging things.

Biblioteca punt edu

The centre is part of the “Biblioteca punt edu” project, whereby it is open to the neighbourhood so that neighbours with a shortage of cultural resources can use our facility and bibliographic collection. Our library is also connected to the network of public libraries, so it can offer users material from any public library.

Library Services

  • Reading Corner: A space in the library set aside for reading in comfort.
  • Bibliographic Information: On-site information about the library’s collection, use of the catalogue, database access, collection guides, and information and orientation about other resources users can use to complete their research.
  • Computers with Internet Access: All computers (5 general-use computers and the librarian’s computer) are connected to the Internet and have software for working with the resources provided.
  • Document Reproduction: Documents can be reproduced by means of photocopying or printout using the library’s printer.
  • Personal Loan: The conditions are as follows:
  • Inter-library loans: When needed, the Pompeu Fabra Library in Mataró offers us “packs” of books on a subject matter under study.
  • Exhibitions and talks: Room for exhibitions and talks to be used by the school’s various departments and for the library’s own use when disseminating literary or bibliographic works.
  • Reading Plan: Bibliographic collection applied to the school’s Reading Plan.
  • Reading and Study Guides

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