The School


INS Thos i Codina is a public school providing compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate level studies and vocational training.

As such, it is a school for everyone: Catalan, secular, plural, democratic, a supporter of equality and of the protection of the environment.

The school defines itself as an open, welcoming centre, and for this reason it has endeavoured to organise all available resources to cater to all the students enrolled in it. Its mission is to provide them with an efficient, high-quality education that will prepare them for their personal, social and working life in the future.


IES Thos i Codina was founded in 1989 as a result of the transformation of an old primary school, which at the time was already called Thos i Codina, into a vocational training school. They were years in which enrolment in primary school was dwindling because of the decline in the birth rate. Simultaneously, new generations of young people in need of professional training centres were growing up. In the city, vocational training was mostly neglected academically at the time.

Until 1995, the centre continued to grow and expand its range of professional specialities. What had begun as a first-degree vocational training centre in the field of administration had grown and increased both with the second degree in the initial speciality and with the expansion of specialities to include electronics and information technology.

When, in the 1995/96 academic year, the former vocational training studies were replaced by the new ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and baccalaureate studies, the centre continued to maintain its vocational studies (are currently called training cycles) programme, in the same specialities it already had under the old model.

From that moment on, the centre has developed a wide and varied offer that allows our students to choose different academic possibilities, both within the centre itself and in their transition to the university. The challenge of the school’s professionals has always been to remain alert to the needs of our students, to introduce pedagogical changes whenever necessary, to participate in projects that make it possible to improve everything that is done in the school, and to get families involved in taking responsibility for the education of their children, which is the cornerstone of our work.


IES Thos i Codina is composed of a student body that reflects the diversity of the population. It is a reference centre in which collaboration and training agreements are established with local institutions and companies.

It is an integrating centre, interested in finding the resources needed to address the diversity of its student body so that they can achieve the skills needed to go on to higher learning or join the workforce.

The educational opportunities on offer are in step with the needs of the students and of its area of influence.


The teaching staff participates in ongoing training activities and collaborates in innovative experiences, promoting, organizing and hosting activities to achieve continuous improvement in serving our pupils.

The relevance of the teachings is assessed to determine the degree of effectiveness.


  • Respect for the diversity of our educational community, governed by the principle of tolerance and based on dialogue.
  • Respect for the natural, social and cultural environment.
  • Collaboration with local grass-roots movements and groups.
  • Nurturing creativity and innovation in all aspects of the educational community.
  • Transparency in all matters relating to the management of the centre and teamwork.
  • Promotion of collaborative work.
  • Culture of effort and ensuring a job well done.
  • Encouraging rational thought processes and critical thinking.
  • Permanent commitment to ongoing improvement as a general guideline for our institution, generation of documents and corrective and preventive actions that ensure the quality of our processes.

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