Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Vocational training is oriented towards preparing students for technical and professional endeavours. It can be intermediate- or higher-level, and is grouped into professional families of varying durations.

Part of the hours will be at the school, while another part will involve on-the-job training. A training cycle with a duration of 1,300 or 1,400 hours equals one complete school year, while 1,700 or 2,000 hours equals two school years.

With the completion of an intermediate level vocational training cycle students obtain a technician’s degree and with the completion of the higher level, that of a senior technician.

Intermediate Level Vocational Training Studies

The intermediate level vocational training studies taught at the school include:

  • Business Operations (LOE. Two years. FP DUAL)
  • Administrative Management (LOE. Two years. FP DUAL)
  • Microcomputer Systems and Networks (LOE. Two years.)

Upper Vocational Training Cycles

Higher level vocational training students at our school get the chance to perform internships in European companies with an Erasmus+ grant. Upper vocational training studies taught at our school include:

Administration Family

  • Administration and Finance (LOE. Two years. FP DUAL)
    Students at our Higher Level Administration and Finance Vocational Training Studies can study Accounting in English, in addition to the English Language module already included in the curriculum. Moreover, a Module 3 FU is taught: Integral Business Operations process in English. Accounting.

Commerce and Marketing Family

  • Sales Management and Commercial Spaces (LOE. Two years.)

Computing and Communications Family

  • Development of Web Applications (LOE. Two years.)
  • Networked Computer Systems Administration (LOE. Two years.)