Guidance Counselling Service

Guidance Counselling Service

Service providing vocational training guidance and academic acknowledgement of training received through on-the-job experience or in social activities.

Guidance Counselling Service information

The Guidance Counselling Service is aimed at adults who are interested in receiving a diagnosis of their training and professional promotion opportunities and finding out the most appropriate educational path to achieve their betterment.

The service ends with a counselling report, which is a prerequisite for registration in the process of academic acknowledgement of the education received through on-the-job experience or social activities.

Number of vacancies

Vocational Family: Business Administration

  • CFPM AG10 – Business Administration (GM) 2 vacancies
  • CFPS AGB0 – Administration and Finance (GS) 2 vacancies

Vocational Family: Trade and Marketing

  • CFPM CM10 –Commercial Activities (GM) 1 vacancy
  • CFPS CMA0 – Sales and Commercial Spaces Management (GS) 1 vacancy

Vocational Family: Computing and Communications

  • CFPM IC10 –Microcomputer Systems and Networks (GM) 1 vacancy
  • CFPS ICA0 – Computer Network System Administration (GS) 2 vacancies
  • CFPS ICC0 – Web Application Development (GS) 2 vacancies

Admission of applications

There is no deadline for the submission of applications. If you are interested in the service, please contact the school.

Admission criteria

The order of admission to the Ministry of Education schools is by applicant’s age. The admitted applicants will receive instructions for payment of the service fee via email.

Service fee: €60

Submission of documents and payment of the public fee

Successful applicants must submit the following documents to the school office:

  • Application form.
  • Photocopy of their national ID (DNI), residency permit (NIE) or passport, accompanied by the original for verification purposes.
  • Document justifying discount or exemption of the public fee where applicable.
  • Voucher of payment of the registration fee.

Guidance Counselling Service calendar

When the application period has expired, the interested parties will be invited to attend an informative session where the stages and the calendar of guidance counselling sessions will be explained. You will receive an email with this invitation.

If you cannot attend the session, you must notify us in advance. Failing to attend the session without justification will entail the loss of your right to receive counselling and to reimbursement of the service fee.

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