Entrepreneurship School

Dual Training

Application for participation in the FP Dual project (space for businesses)

Applicable Regulations

  • ENS/1204/2012 RESOLUTIONof 25 May concerning organisation of on-the-job training in initial vocational training.
  • DECREE 284/2011 of 1 March concerning the general arrangement of initial vocational training
  • Royal Decree 1529/2012 of 8 November implementing the contract for training and apprenticeship and laying the foundations for dual vocational training.

Erasmus Mobility

Erasmus Internships in Germany

Under the Erasmus programme, students at our centre are eligible to apply for internships in companies.

This year is the second year in which students from our centre began internships in German companies. With this ASIX student from upper vocational training studies, students from all specialities at our centre have taken part in Erasmus internships: Administration and Finance, Sales and Marketing Management, Web Application Development, and Network Software System Administration.

The company GETRONICS, in the city of Damstad, will host student Javier Moreno during his three-month internship.

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