Academic Acknowledgement Service

Description of the Service

Academic acknowledgement of the education achieved through on-the-job experience or social activities is a service that is provided individually by the school at the applicant’s request.

Acknowledgement of the education achieved through on-the-job experience helps adults to make the most of their skills by certifying that experience in the form of official vocational education credits.

Only those skills or know-how related to the training credits or units relating to the initial vocational training syllabus can be acknowledged.

The process of academic acknowledgement of the education achieved through on-the-job experience or social activities concludes with an official certificate issued by the school, and the acknowledged credits or training units are included in the applicant’s official records.


  • Being at least 18 years of age.
  • Providing evidence of having completed at least two years of on-the-job experience or experience in social activities related to the training cycle for which the experience is to be acknowledged.
  • Having received the counselling service and being in possession of the counselling report for the same training cycle, or having completed the orientation and counselling phase or the counselling phase in any stage of the process to certify professional skills relating to the skills units established in the technician or higher technician degrees of vocational training cycles in the education system, provided that it is the same or a similar degree, with the relevant certificate issued by the school.
  • Not being registered simultaneously during the same school year for which academic certification is sought in the same credits of a LOGSE degree or training units of a vocational module of a LOE degree, either in-class or under distance learning schemes.

Registration and payment

Applications for the service must be made based on training units for LOE degrees and credits for LOGSE degrees.

Applicants must apply in person at the school office by completing the relevant application form. Together with the application form, applicants must also fill out the Service’s registration form indicating the training units or credits for which certification is being sought. The full price to be paid is calculated based on this form.

Payment instructions can be found in the attached file.

Service fee

Excerpt of the ENS/270/2012 ORDER setting public fees for services relating to initial vocational training provided at schools that fall under the purview of the Catalan Ministry of Education (DOGC no. 6221, dated 27/9/2012).

3.1 For schools falling under the purview of the Catalan Ministry of Education, the service providing academic acknowledgement of on-the-job experience is subject to payment of the following public fees:

  • Per LOGSE degree credit: €40.00
  • Per LOE degree training unit: €18.00

The aforementioned Order determines the situations in which applicants may apply for exemptions and/or discounts.

3.2 Public fee discounts and exemptions:

The following exemptions and discounts may be applied, provided that applicants submit the proper documentary evidence:

3.2.1 Discount

Members of large families (general category) and single-parent families are entitled to a 50% discount on public fees (the discount may only be applied once, even if the applicant is a member of a large and single-parent family).

3.2.2 Exemption

  • Members of large families (special category).
  • People who are legally certified as having a disability of at least 33%.
  • People subject to confinement/imprisonment.
  • Victims of acts of terrorism, their spouses and offspring.

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