The School


Thos i Codina is a public, secondary, and also professional training school.

It is an inclusive, Catalan, secular, plural, democratic school, which also supports equality and the environment.

The school is characterized by its inclusive nature, and, thus, it tries to make use of all its resources to reach all the enrolled students with the aim of providing them with an efficient and high-quality education, enabling them to become prepared for their personal, social, and working lives in the future.


Thos i Codina Secondary School was founded in the year 89 as the result of transforming an old primary school, which was already named Thos i Codina, into a professional training school. In those years, the number of primary students was decreasing due to a decline in the birthrate. Meanwhile, there were more and more young people in need of professional training schools, a really unattended academic field in the city at that time.

Up to the year 95, the school was developing itself and extending its professional training studies. Initially, although the school’s professional training offer only included first grade of Business Studies; later, as the school was being developed, this offer was also widened with the addition of a second grade to these studies and of other studies, such as Electronics and Computing. This process endowed the school with an own identity which is still preserved today.

In the 95-96 school year, Secondary Education was introduced and those already present professional training studies, known today as Professional Training Cycles, were still kept. In the 96-97 school year, the first stage of Compulsory Secondary Education was brought in letting the access of the first twelve-year-old students into the school.

Since then, the school owns a wide and varied range of academic options to be chosen by the students and that lead them into university and/or the professional world. In the school, the staff members’ aim has always been paying special attention to the students’ needs, introducing educational changes when necessary, taking part in projects meant to improve the school’s performance; and, also, involving the families in their responsibility for their children’s education, which is the focal point.



Thos i Codina’s student body is socially diverse. It is a reference school that establishes collaborative and educational links with local institutions and companies.


The school- the students

It is an inclusive school that endeavours to find the necessary resources to deal with the students’ diversity and let them acquire those essential competences in order to access into post-obligatory studies or into the working world.

The school’s educational offer is adapted to the needs of the students and of the environment.

The teachers

All the teachers take an active part in educational training activities permanently, and also collaborate in innovative experiences. Additionally, they organise, promote, and host, activities to reach a continuous improvement in supporting the students.

All teaching performances are assessed in order to reach their rightness.


  • Respect for our diverse educational community, which is ruled under and based on tolerance and dialogue principles.
  • Respect for the natural, social, and cultural environment.
  • Collaboration with local institutions.
  • A spirit of creation and innovation around all the educational community’s areas.
  • Transparency in the school’s management and collaborative work.
  • Promotion of the corporate work.
  • Culture of effort and well-done work.
  • Promotion of reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Permanent commitment to a continuous improvement as our school’s basic principle and the execution of documents, and corrective and preventive actions, to ensure the quality of our procedures.