Plans and Projects

Reception Classroom

From the 2003-2004 course, and in order to cover the new students’ language needs, the centre has a Reception Classroom equipped with the necessary materials and people, from the Departament d’Educació.

“Punt edu” library

Project thanks to which the library opens to the neighbourhood. In this way, the neighbourhood, lacking cultural resources, can profit from our facilities and bibliographic source. At the same time, our library is connected to public libraries net, which can let the users have material from any of the public libraries.


The school is part of other schools joining the UNESCO. In certain subjects, some projects are carried out and have to do with raising awareness towards problems in the world.

Green School

The Green School programme was launched as a commitment to support all those Catalan secondary schools intending to innovate, include, advance, systematize, and organize educational actions aimed at facing, in an educational way, the new challenges and values in terms of sustainability. Our garden forms part of this project too.


INNOVAFP is a programme belonging to the Direcció General de Formació Professional i Ensenyaments de Règim Especial del Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya, and promotes the collaborarion between companies and professional training centres intending to work in innovative projects and in the knowledge transfer.

LNA Cisco

The school works as a local academy of the Cisco company, specialized in computing systems. The participants are given a CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) Certificate to be able to introduce and keep computers’ networks.


The students of the school can participate in the following European mobility programmes for students.

The Centre’s Autonomy Plan

This plan, innovative in the Spanish State, means that the school itself can decide upon different strategies to face the current educational challenges, such as the attempt to improve the students’ academic results, primarily in the Compulsory Secondary Education stage; and the increasement of a social cohesion. Internally, the school also pursues to reinforce the structure and image of the centre, and to improve the transfer of the students from the school to the working world.

Computing Plan

Plan through which all the computing materials of the centre are controlled and rationalised in a systematic way.

Linguistic Plan

Project where the 4 languages worked in the centre (Catalan, Spanish, English, and German) are framed.

“Pla d’acció tutorial” (Monitoring Plan)

In addition to the “Plans d’acció tutorial” in Compulsory Secondary Education and Higher Education, which are normative, the school also owns a monitoring plan for the Medium Professional Training Cycles’ students.

Citizenship Plan

Innovative plan applied in the Social Science subject. It is an experience through which the students deal with the citizenship values. Through interviews with families, the students rebuild a recent historical moment

Social Cohesion Plan

Project that attends our students’ cultural diversity to work with audiovisual techniques. On the one hand, the new students elaborate a film showing their world and speak about their experiences. On the other hand, the local students elaborate another film about our own world, intending to make it more understandable to the new students.

Programme supporting the people and the companies in the professional fields

This programme is aimed at providing those professional training centres with formulas of meaningful communication and information for and adapted to their different groups of interests (students, adults, companies, and entities), so that these groups can profit from the those formulas offer and maximize their values.

Mediation Service

The Mediation Service is NOT a mere technique to help the disappearance of those educative conflicts, or a light complement of the disciplinary system.

Company Simulation

The students from the Administration Cycles participate in the experience of translating the work in the classroom to a simulation in a company.

Entrepreneurship network

This programme is aimed at providing support to those centres, which teach professional studies, in terms of introducing and developing methodological strategies to promote enterprising capacities and create companies.